Welcome in Rosochaty Rog
at The Wigry Lake

Rooms and a campsite by the lake in the heart of Suwalszczyzna

Pokoje, noclegi i kemping, pole namiotowe nad Jeziorem Wigry, Rosochaty Róg, Suwalszczyzna

Rooms at Lake Wigry, beautiful Suwalszczyzna

  • Comfortable rooms with bathrooms
  • In each room TV, refrigerator
  • An ideal place to relax in nature
Jaś i Małgosia Rosochaty Róg - Zdjęcia z drona
Kemping Jaś i Małgosia Jezioro Wigry Suwalszczyzna

Campsite on Lake Wigry, beautiful Suwalszczyzna

  • Bathrooms and toilets at the campsite
  • Electricity
  • Running, potable water

Our guesthouse is an ideal holiday destination for both families with children, couples and those who like to relax separately. The beautiful grounds and landscapes surrounding our home will brighten up your stay at any time of the year.